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   Dr Jyotsna Potdar President ACCP 2014-15


Vision 2014
Task is to involve everyone, who is working for the women's health, in screening for cancer cervix. I hope that we all use all the methods available at our disposal depending on resources.In low resource-setting simple tool like visual inspection of cervix after application of acetic acid to high resource-setting where HPV hybrid capture II and liquid based cytology can be used. Training to interpret, screen positive women,  use  colposcopy in selective subjects and treat diagnosed lesions appropriately, will be priority for all of us. We should not forget primary prevention with vaccination. We should strive for interaction, problem solving & continuing medical education. 
Dr Jyotsna Potdar
 Welcome to the Alliance for Colposcopy and cancer prevention. It was felt by all the stakeholders in fighting the preventable invasive cervical cancer that a common forum for interaction and support is required. We are happy to announce that Gynecologist Pathologist Epidemiologist and counselors from various institutes have joined this forum for a common cause.. We hope that this Alliance from all stakeholders  will go long way in reducing suffering of the women.

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Cancer of the cervix is one of the commonest cancer affecting women. Unlike other cancers this cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage. In fact most of the times we can diagnosed precancerous states.

            Screening programs for cancer cervix are shown to be very effective in reducing mortality and morbidity due to the cancer. Unfortunately in low resource set ups and developing countries the screening programs are not effectively implemented. As a result of this more than 80% of women dying from cervical cancer  live in developing countries.

            In India the Govt. ,WHO and International Agency for Research on Cancer along with private agencies have joined hands to reduce the burden of cancer.

In Maharashtra  first rural  population based cancer registry was set up with the help of Nurgis Dutta Foundation. Collecting and analyzing the data, conducting workshops for the health care providers for screening methods and public awareness are the three major components of tackling the menace of cancer.


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